what we do

Alright the essence is this: we can do simple or we can do complex. For example, we can film video content for your website that’s 30 seconds long or an hour long. There isn’t a limit to what we can do -we are all about giving you what you need to get the best out of your ideas. 

We know that trust needs to be earned and this is at the core of what we believe. If we say to you it’s two days filming then it’s two days, if we say one day editing then it’s one day. So you know where you stand:  value for money and the best possible service.

Because of this we’ve been delivering new web video content for one particular client every week for four years.

We are flexible.  We will bring the edit suite to you if that’s what you prefer. We’ll sit with you at your office or home to do your video editing. Some work will already be done before we get to you but this service gives you a much more ‘hands on’ approach than other production companies offer. 

We edit on adobe premier and after effects. We film on canon 7d with a range of lenses, depending on what subject matter is being filmed. we have a portable green screen that can do full body shots. we use jibs, cranes and steady cam. it all depends what your video requirements are.

Call us today for an informal chat about how you can get your video ideas on the web.